Python script to post jekyll

27 Jan 2014

Josh Branchaud has made a nice simple python script to initialize blog posts for Jekyll. I made a couple modifications. First, I set the default to always write to the _posts directory since I’m not using any other directory for posts:

# else condition added by ERF to always default with _posts directory:
    filename = '_posts/' + filename

Second, at the end of the script, I changed it to always open the new post in vim (so can immediately start editing) and added commmands to build the jekyll site and upload to git automatically:

# if write flag is on, then try to open file with vi
# removed by ERF, so always write: if args.write:['vi', filename])

# ERF added auto commit to git repository['jekyll', 'build'])['git', 'commit', '-a', '-m "' + filename + '"'])['git', 'push' ])

# print confirmation statement
print 'New Jekyll post "' + title + '" has been created ' + filename + ' and git pushed.'

Lastly, instead of putting the python script in my BIN PATH, I simply put it in the root of my github page git folder, so the script is always available on whatever machine I clone my github page repository. You can download my script here.