self-compiled TextSecure apk

03 Feb 2014

I don’t like to run any proprietary google code inside my phone. That is why I use custom roms like cyangoenmod, replicant, or (currently) omnirom, and why I disable javascript in my android browser (as google websites run proprietary javascript). However, Moxie Marlinspike (lead developer of TextSecure) doesn’t allow F-Droid to provide development snapshots for distribution. Of course if you run the latest cyanogenmod, you get textsecure integration in by default (although you must install GooglePlay, you don’t have to link to any google account). But as I am now no longer using cyanogenmod (and am instead using the latest Replicant 4.2 build and the latest 4.4.2 omnirom build for nexus), I had to rebuild the latest develpment version, which you can download (built today from github sources):